All submissions should be typewritten and double spaced and must reflect the focus and scope of the magazine as outlined in the statement of purpose. Articles can be either printed or cd. I prefer both. It would be better to discuss the idea of the article with the editor before submission but unsolicited articles are not unwelcome. Citations for sources used are required but will not be printed nor will footnotes be replicated in the published product.

The maximum payment for any article and photo combination is $450.00. Photograph submission may be either by print or digital (JPEG minimum) and will be paid on the basis of $90 per page in color at l/3 increments (i.e. $30 for color print/3 column) or $45 per page in black and white at l/3 increments (i.e. $l5 per b&w print). Front cover photographs will be paid at $500; rear cover $250. Color photographs on the center spread will be paid at a rate total of $250 per double page. Payment will be made after publication and will reflect the actual size of the photograph used in the magazine.

All photographs published and all articles published are accepted and published on the basis of a one time license copyright and all such material will be returned at some point after publication. ALL articles and photographs not credited to someone else are in fact written or taken by Arnold Swanberg.