There has never been a magazine quite like Flightline. The large photographs are intended for the modelers amongst the readership but the magazine is not a modeler's magazine. There is acknowledgment of the serial number of the aircraft but the magazine is not a spotters magazine. The magazine is not even intended to give basic information about military aircraft--plenty of other sources for that!

Flightline is the ONLY magazine printed in the United States that concentrates on North American Military Aviation after l945. Any issue can detail an individual aircraft, unit or event and typically coverage revolves around current, or near current, military aviation. Both its editorials and the content of the articles however deal with military doctrine from a political/military historian point of view.

Flightline came about not only because most of the aviation magazines currently available are published in Europe but also because of the long-standing bias of the national and even the local and traditional media on most military aviation matters. Between trying to not be a modeler's magazine, not be a spotter's magazine and inform the serious enthusiast about military aviation, Flightline fills a unique slot. Flightline does seek to explain DoD policy, or Congressional politics in regards to Defense matters. in ways the average reader can appreciate.

The high quality paper used and the high resolution of both traditional black & white and high quality color photographs insures that whether your interest in military aviation is detailed or general, or even political, Flightline will offer a unique American view.

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Flightline is a registered Trademark with the U.S. Department
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The current issue of Flightline is #l6, Spring/Summer 2005 and is the first issue to be available for download (For ordering information, send email to Flightline #l7 will be published in 2006.

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